Multi User Simulation Engine

Sinespace makes it easy to build and publish multi user 3D simulations for VR, PC and mobile devices.

VR PC Mobile

Superior Results – Realtime Simulations

Go beyond slide decks and traditional eLearning to achieve;

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    Better learning retention

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    Improved planning for scenarios involving potential danger to life and property

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    Comprehensive training with no down time for critical sites and equipment

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    Faster speed to competence

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    Unlimited potential to test and fail


Create Collaborate Learn Engage

  • Build


    Create and collaborate together with hundreds of simple building blocks

  • Script


    Extend and integrate with our comprehensive scripting library and API

  • Publish


    Instantly welcome multiple users via multiple devices

  • Productise


    Deploy using comprehensive white label options


Virtual learning and training is not a game.

Are your training programmes:

  • Using significant downtime?

  • Requiring access to unique resources in the real world?

  • As effective as they should be?

Then consider 3D simulation and VR

Here are just some examples of how industry is using our innovative technology;

  • Healthcare workers, used to tactile environments, are learning to identify major health risks such as post-traumatic stress disorder

  • Hot metal workers are simulating training to safely evacuate exploding furnaces rather than watching a video of the chaos

  • Hospitality workers are fully trained in time for ships and hotel launch days, and finding their way around built hotels and cruise ships in interactive virtual environments

  • Oil rig workers are practicing wayfinding and emergency exiting from burning 3D immersive iterations of their real-life environments

Any scenario you can imagine is possible in a scalable way without breaking the bank

Key areas we serve

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    eLearning Developers

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    Corporate Learning and Development

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    Managed Learning

Working with Sinespace Learning

‘Whether you are a custom eLearning developer, managed learning services provider or you build your own projects, we and our development partners can help you plan, build test and evaluate a 3D immersive learning environment.

If you would like us to help you scope out a project, find the proof points and refine a pitch to secure budget, please contact us

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