The Sine Wave Company’s founders are among the original creators of the OpenSimulator platform, the open source platform for virtual worlds which is now deployed by thousands of institutions worldwide including applications at the scale of the U.S. Department of Defense’s Project M.O.S.E.S. We know scale, we know 3D, and understand enterprise requirements.

  • This deep knowledge is the cornerstone of the Sinespace platform. Our expertise we created a platform which is intuitive, with straightforward tools and workflows to be no more complex to use than building a great website.

  • As a result, we have built a multi-user platform on top of Unity, the world’s most-used game engine. Unity has over 600 million installed users, more than 4 million developers using it. This choice ensures you stay current with the leading-edge best practices.

  • Sinespace has 2.5 million existing end users, over 3,000 registered developers, worldwide.

  • Above all, Sinespace gives you a platform to create positive and fun learning experiences.

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  • Cost effective: Create multi-user, 3D immersive learning and training with the same budget as a standard eLearning project 

  • We have a subscription-based pricing model which scales for different use cases, levels of service, number of users and security requirements. With licensing models that fit enterprise needs including simultaneous seats, white label options, and more.

  • Sinespace is not a content creator. You license the platform and build your clients’ projects on top of it. Our specialist partners can help you realize your vision and develop your projects.

  • Because of the scale, power and flexibility of the platform you can build multi-application projects. Realistic learning and training environments on Sinespace can be repurposed and at little or no extra cost and very little effort, they also scale to meet your demands for staff, partner and client training.

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