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Staff Orientation, Emergency Planning, Wayfinding
  • CHALLENGE : A global brand with significant businesses in hospitality and leisure needed to train cruise ship and hotel staff on their while new building and ships were being constructed.

  • Training and orienting people on new cruise ships and hotels is incredibly expensive. When you invest in major new infrastructure. Getting the ships and hotels operational is a priority; when you invest in major new

  • infrastructure you want it to go into full production as soon as possible. Every day not in operation carries a huge opportunity cost.

  • In the past, this company had to commission, at great expense, entire replica sets of buildings to train staff in parallel with construction

  • SOLUTION : The power and flexibility of the Sinespace platform makes it easy to deploy compliance and orientation training (emergency, fire safety, disaster preparedness and wayfinding) in a single simulation for multiple job roles across employees and contractors.

  • Deploying team training and orientation on the Sinespace platform dramatically reduces cost and improves learning outcomes in a safe, easily accessible environment where data on every user is immediately captured for analysis.

Major Military Agency - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • CHALLENGE : This military agency needed a new method for training large numbers of primary care staff in identifying post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in returning military personnel.

  • The agency had moved from large scale nationwide outreach with physical training sessions in multiple locations to a standard eLearning platform using PDF documents and multiple-choice questionnaires. Although this move reduced costs, the learning outcomes were significantly worse with low course completion rates and poor information retention.

  • SOLUTION : The military agency engaged a Sinespace development partner to build and deploy a suite of multi-user virtual learning environment

  • modules including group role playing, diagnostic classrooms, and explorable patient scenarios. The entire multi-user simulation is delivered for installation on gold disk military networks.

Healthcare Clinical Trial Industry – Extended Enterprise
Training in 15 mins
  • CHALLENGE : A leading technology company in the pharmaceutical sector wanted to grow their thought leadership in the use of 3D, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and begin to educate their partners and clients.   The company wanted to be sure this learning had a clear industry value proposition that their partners and clients would understand its power and potential use cases.   They wanted a learning experience that was easy, fast and that aligned with their brand.

  • SOLUTION : The company’s development partner, used the Sinespace quest tools to rapidly create an immersive training experience in which an avatar guided the participants through a summary education on AR, VR

  • and 3D serious gaming.  To reinforce industry context, the learning experience showcased training on the features of a 3D version of one of the company’s ground-breaking medical devices.

  • Sinespace’s “white label” licensing arrangement made it possible for the company to effectively present their brand and control access to the learning experience.  This included using branded desktop icons as well as the display of branded information on 3D walls visible during the guided learning experience.  Additionally, the Sinespace multi-player capability and support for VoIP afforded the company the ability to attend with critical clients for important high touch conversations, while enabling others to attend together or on their own.

Oil & Gas Industry -- Rig Evacuation & Fire Safety
  • CHALLENGE : Emergency evacuation on a live oil rig, is impractical: you cannot start real fires, put people in dangerous situations or start training only after crew members arrive on site. There were no effective solutions to address this problem and crews often arrived poorly trained.

  • SOLUTION : Robert Gordons University Oil & Gas Centre and University of Edinburgh, built an interactive oil rig simulation using Sinespace. and included

  • Day/night cycles simulating natural lighting conditions, simulated fires, timed evacuations, and safety equipment drills all ensure crew are

  • prepared for every eventuality of living and working on an oil rig. This simulation proved to be effective, scalable, affordable, and engaging for users.


Sinespace offers a flexible and powerful platform for multi-user educational, cooperative working and simulation-based training experiences. The ability to transfer in existing content and build Sinespace experiences in Unity3D is of great value. We have been working with the Sinespace platform since its early beta days and are impressed with the progression of facilities now available.

- Austin Tate, Professor of Knowledge-Based Systems and Director of Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute (AIAI) at the University of Edinburgh, and Coordinator for the Virtual University of Edinburgh (Vue).

I’ve been writing about social games, MMOs, and 3D development environments for well over a decade, so
it’s exciting to see Sinespace become the first to bring together the best aspects of all three into a single
platform— a fun sandbox hangout space for gamers, powerful creation tools for developers who want to
create and sell their content on a safe market, and an enterprise service powerful enough to host
full-fledged training simulations for major organizations.

- Wagner James Au, author of The Making of Second Life (HarperCollins) &
Game Design Secrets (Wiley)

Our client requirement for future proof, data driven and highly secure simulated environments, is ably met with the Sinespace platform. We have successfully completed white label production across education, healthcare and healthcare technology. Our pipeline of increasingly complex 3D immersive experiences will be confidently built on this powerful new platform.

- Julie LeMoine, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at HorizonIRs

My firm has been able to deploy the robust and comprehensive tools in Sinespace to rapidly build applications which would have been either difficult or too time consuming to build elsewhere. The attentiveness of the staff, and of the community built around Sinespace is a significant resource for the platform

- Ulli Berthold, Founder and Chief Executive of dotEnterprise