• HorizonIRs was founded in 2016. The team are applied innovation experts who work with companies that use Immersive Reality (IR), and for those that create the engines that deliver IR. 

  • HorizonIRs work with companies to formulate strategies and create innovative vision for engaging VR/IR projects and provide the actionable plans and management to bring these VR/IR engagement visions into existence.

  • Working across many sectors, which include government, retail, energy and healthcare, HorizonIRs has a record of combining unified collaboration technology and methodology expertise combined with deep information security knowledge.

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  • Developing database driven business applications for over 20 years, the dotEnterprise team began developing tools and entertainment products in virtual worlds in 2007.

  • Today, the focus is on the development of tools to enable non-technical users to leverage the advantages of virtual environments for education and business use cases.

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  • CNDG is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) developer. We specialize in creating tailored, user-friendly VLEs, offering a fully supported service on all major virtual reality platforms.

  • We provide our clients with online environments where instruction, learning activities, assignments, and synchronous and asynchronous exercises are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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