Multi-user simulations deliver a broad range of benefits, including productivity gains, improved risk management, collaboration,
digital luxury, brand immersion and cost savings.

  • img13 Explore and learn together
  • img13 Interact in real-time; any device,
    anyplace and anywhere
  • img13 Present and collaborate in context
  • img13 Replicate scenarios from
    micro to macro
  • img13 Build training programs for
    employees, clients and partners

VR Developers

  • End to End Platform : Sinespace makes it easy and cost-effective to build, publish, and deploy the widest possible range of 3D immersive experiences for your clients. Our workflow enables you to engage and share the project with you client at every step of the build.

  • Simple and Standardized : Because Sinespace is a large array of tools built on top of the Unity engine, it offers a standardized platform for project development which can be understood by technical designers, whether or not they have any 3D experience.

  • Outcomes : Sinespace supports the three key objectives of both content developer and client of opting for custom content over pre-packaged content; improved knowledge retention, engaged, trained and motivated staff and better cost/benefit ratio.



  • Digital Age : Sinespace offers the next generation VR solution for your clients. Be confident in recommending a 3D immersive world solution to your clients’ most complex scenarios.

  • The platform has a comprehensive set of in-built controls and security for successful management of users and cohorts

  • Access, Scale and Compatibility : Browser-based and deployed across an organisation, its clients and partners, the platform is accessible and scales to meet the demands for staff, partner and client engagement. Sinespace integrates seamlessly with Learning Management Systems.

  • One-time Build : Realistic environments and proprietary models can be repurposed at little or no extra cost and very little effort. Modules are swapped in and out to be suitable for different and future projects.


  • Ease of Use : Sinespace is an intuitive tool which department managers can utilize to create 3D immersive world environments. The inbuilt quest system is the perfect tool for storyboarding; a series of branched panels with dropdown menus and pre-populated characters. Updates to the build are automatically uploaded to the environment at the press of a button.

  • Safety : Our boxed solutions come with significant levels of security, affording high levels of confidence which internal and external clients will seek. Benefits include; LDAP authentication, firewall, hosting in a third party datacentre, dedicated support 24/7 and 99.9% uptime SLA.

  • Lean Forward Engagement : The realtime, anywhere nature of a 3D immersive application, lends itself to elevated levels of engagement, collaboration and practice sharing.

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